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Travel With Your Taste Buds: Mexico

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Are you a foodie who loves to travel? Do you plan all your trips around where you’re going to eat? You’re not alone! Our team of travel advisors specializes in culinary journeys around the globe. We create unique and authentic experiences to give you an up-close and personal encounter with the foods, wines and local traditions of any given area because we believe that to truly experience any place, you must immerse yourself into the culture.

In Mexico, the culture is almost synonymous for the famous cuisine. And, within that cuisine lives the “humble champion of street food” – the taco. Throughout Mexico, Texas and California, the Mexican taco is just about as diverse as Mexico’s nine regions and the corresponding culture. But no matter which region you travel to, you’re in for a delectable treat, perhaps with some authentic guacamole and tequila on the side. When you’re ready, we’re here to help you plan your trip down south. But, for now, here are 11 of the most notable Mexican tacos to try at home:


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