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Travel With Your Taste Buds: France

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Are you a foodie who loves to travel? Do you plan all your trips around where you’re going to eat? You’re not alone! Our team of travel advisors specializes in culinary journeys around the globe. We create unique and authentic experiences to give you an up-close and personal encounter with the foods, wines and local traditions of any given area because we believe that to truly experience anyplace, you must immerse yourself into the culture.

Crêpes – what other dish makes the perfect breakfast, lunch or dessert, is great sweet, savory or plain, and has a history dating back to the 13th century? Crepes originated in Brittany, France, and in France, there is an entire day dedicated to eating crêpes. According to a French urban legend, the delectable treat came to be when a housewife accidentally spilled thin porridge on a hot, flat cooktop. Since no food was wasted back in the day, she ate it herself …and voilà! Pro tip: To eat your crêpe like the French do, fold it, don’t roll it.

When the time is right, we’re here to help you plan a trip to France. In the meantime, envision yourself dining al fresco at a charming French crêperie with this authentic French crepe recipe:


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