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Featured Partner: CIE Tours , Version 1


This month, we worked together with our January Partner of the Month, CIE Tours, to provide you with the first social posts in our Featured Partner collection. From January 18th to February 12th, CIE Tours is offering an airfare sale you should not miss - buy one airfare and get one free when you book an Ireland vacation! (only valid in the US). This social post is perfect to pair with CIE Tour’s promotion in our monthly ezine* and on Ensemble consumer websites, and they are a great way to reach your clients on multiple channels.

*Please Note: If you are part of an Ensemble Marketing plan in the U.S., your clients should have received an email on January 15th, featuring the January ezine.

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Now is the time! Grab your favorite travel partner and prepare for your next Irish adventure. For a limited time, buy one airfare and get one free when you book an Ireland vacation with CIE Tours so your companion flies free!

Contact us to learn more! Book by 2/12. Restrictions apply. For more details, visit here. <http://www.ensembletravel.ca/im/us/pom/21/01/cie/>

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