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Cheers from the World: Hawaii

Travel to Hawaii using your taste buds. The Mai Tai is an iconic cocktail — take a sip and start dreaming!

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The Mai Tai was introduced to Hawaii in 1953 and quickly became one of the most popular cocktails on the islands. But, according to a Californian restaurateur named Trader Vic, the tale of the Mai Tai began in 1944 at his tiki restaurant in Oakland. The restaurant was a place where people could escape reality and be transported tothe tropics while enjoying tropical flavored cocktails. One night, Trader Vic decided to create a new exotic rum drink for two special Tahitian guests. After taking a sip, one guest said, “Mai Tai-Roa Aé,” which means “out of this world - the best” in Tahitian. And so, the Mai Tai was born!

Prepare this world-renowned cocktail, take a sip and start dreaming about the glimmering ocean, green valleys and warm sands of Hawaii. Imagine exploring the spirit of Aloha and enjoying the hospitality of the Hawaiian people. Hawaii invites you to visit, and when the time is right, we’ll help you get there!

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