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Cheers from the World - France

Travel to France using your taste buds. A spiked apple cider is a classic cocktail, perfect for the colder months— take a sip and start dreaming!

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With the weather now cooling down, apple cider is the perfect warm beverage to enjoy while wrapped under a blanket or lounging fireside. The origin of the cocktail isn’t officially known, but many stories reveal cider was produced when the Romans invaded England around 55 B.C. and found English locals enjoying the beverage. Nowadays, France is renowned as the world's largest producer of cider with Normandy and Brittany in northern France as the main producing regions.

Take a sip and start dreaming about France, especially during the holiday months when the country radiates an extra ounce of magic. From skiing the Alps to exploring Paris, from culinary experiences and wine tastings to indulging in art and culture, there’s so much to see and do. When the time is right, we’re here to help you plan your perfect France getaway!

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