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Cheers from France

Travel to France using your taste buds.  Take a sip and start dreaming!

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Classy, iconic, boozy – these are just a handful of accolades for the French 75 cocktail. But, despite its fame, few know how it originated. According to Difford’s Guide, the French 75 was named after the French army’s weapon of choice during World War I: the French 75-millimeter. It was one of the deadliest in the market – a solider could fire 15 rounds of ammo per minute – so word of the gun spread equally as fast as the news of the war. Subsequently, a French bartender decided to create a WWI-inspired cocktail which he named “Soixante-Quinze,” or “Seventy-Five.” The drink immediately gained popularity, and people referred to it as “the mostpowerful drink in the world” in alignment to its namesake.

Take a sip and start dreaming. When the time is right, we’ll help you plan a trip to France!

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