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Explain Your Stance on COVID-19

Establish your position on the COVID-19 pandemic and what your business is doing to address it. Use these messages to communicate with your clients and encourage regular contact.

Supplier Policies

Communicate the policy changes of suppliers, such as cancellations and future cruise credits.

Hi <first name />,

We thank you again for your patience while we work through this global crisis alongside you. We understand certain information we have provided has been troubling for you as it has been for us, and we will continue to work with you to the best of our abilities. This includes advocating on your behalf to continue providing the quality service you require. This situation has been a learning curve for us all, and time is needed to find the answers for our clients’ questions. Suffice to say, rarely are the answers the same for everyone given different suppliers’ terms and conditions. We do respect your position and ask that you please understand ours as well – we do have your best interest at heart.

Based on the above, here is some further information for you.

1. Many suppliers have chosen to offer future credit as their form of refund. If you choose not to receive a future credit, we are simply advising that you may lose your travel investment with no other option for future reimbursement.

2. If you have cancellation insurance on your credit card, we highly recommend looking into this option.

We fully understand that to some of you, a future credit refund is unacceptable. But again, this is the best our team can do given these very trying circumstances, and it is ultimately the decision of the individual suppliers and not ours.

We would also like to reassure you that while our work schedules have been altered, we remain available should you require any further assistance.

The team at <AGENCY NAME> is here to help with whatever your travel needs may be – whether that’s providing travel advice, helping cancel current travel, booking future travel, or simply offering travel inspiration to help pass the time. You can reach us by phone at <PHONE> or by email at <EMAIL>.

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

Kind regards,
<name />
<title />
<agency name />

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